All-on-4® Dental Implant Treatment

A modern treatment option for individuals searching for better fitting dentures, and less invasive treatment over traditional dental implants.

All-on-4® is a minimally invasive treatment where we are able to apply a fixed full-arch restoration to only 4 dental implants.

Why choose the All-on-4®?

Some individuals may not be candidates for a full mouth reconstruction due to bone grafting issues, as well as the time and costs that go into larger numbers of implants, typically 8-10.

If you have traditional dentures and are searching for a fixed and cost effective alternative, all-on-4 might be a good fit for you. With a minimal need for bone grafting, and only 4 implants needed, some patients are able to have immediate functioning teeth in one day, and enjoy the better aesthetic and feel of a fixed denture.

Benefits of an Implant Retained Denture

Fixed Denture

A fixed denture that looks and feels like real teeth.


Less time to implement, cost effective option.

No Grafting Needed

Minimally invasive procedure with only 4 implants.

Immediate function

Minimal recovery means that you can eat, talk and smile the second you step out of our office.


What's it like to recieve the All-on-4 Treatment


Initial examination to go over your available options.


The patient comes in for two to three visits to our office to gather information and prepare the patient for implant placement.


4 Implants are placed, and the bridge is fixed to the imlants.


Teeth should be immediately functional. Patients can eat, talk, and smile as soon as the procedure is finished.

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When you put your trust in the hands of a Dental Specialist not only are you receiving the most modern technology, your treatment plan is being built to suit your specific needs and oral health situation.