Digital Dentures

Your Dentures have Evolved. Receive custom dentures in as little as 2-4 visits that fit and feel more natural than traditional dentures. 

Digital dentures can be produced quickly, offering patients maximum comfort and precision.

Why Digital Dentures?

Poor fitting and unreliable dentures are a thing of the past. With each patient, our goal is to create the ideal solution for their oral health needs that not only satisfies their goals, but also gives them the very best possible treatment. For that reason, we have shifted our practice to include ‘Digital Dentures’ which give us an array of benefits to each patient.

Digital Dentures are milled from one piece, which makes the denture stronger and less vulnerable to fractured teeth. 

But if something were to happen to your dentures, whether they get lost, or damaged in any way, we are able to reproduce that denture with a much faster turn around than traditional dentures.

With the flexibility of a digital scan of the mouth, digital dentures have a better, more precise fit, with a thinner base and less added bulk.

Benefits of Choosing Digital Dentures

Digital Precision

Leveraging state of the art technology, we're able to get the best possible fit.

Increased Aesthetics

We're able to decrease the bulk of the base, while increasing the look and feel of each denture.

Stronger Denture

Milled from a proprietary one piece puck, digital dentures have a stronger structure, and are less prone to fractures.

Save Time

Digital Dentures take half the time as traditional dentures to develop. Dentures can be turned around in as few as 6 days.

Permanent Digital Record

Lose your dentures? No problem! Give us a call and we can produce a replacement on a timely basis.


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When you put your trust in the hands of a Dental Specialist not only are you receiving the most modern technology, your treatment plan is being built to suit your specific needs and oral health situation.