Tri-Cities Dental Specialists is excited to begin providing Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Imaging services for any patient who may have a need for this service. Please reach out to our practice for referral information to get a CBCT imaging service scheduled.

How Can Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Scan Improve Your Dental Care?

Cone Beam Computed Tomography or CBCT scan is a 3D Dimensional (3D) scan that is much superior to traditional dental or facial X-rays. As the CBCT scan produces a 3D image of your teeth, bones, and nerve pathways, your dentist gets a much more accurate picture of your teeth and the surrounding bone tissue with this dental imaging technology.

We couldn’t be prouder to introduce the all-new Axeos CBCT Scanner into our practice here at Tri-Cities Dental. The Axeos Scanner will help us serve you better by allowing us to increase the precision, accuracy, and safety of all dental procedures.

In contrast to traditional x-ray dental imaging, the Cone Beam x-ray machine rotates around your head and takes 150-200 images from various angles to create a 3D composite image in a few seconds.

What Are Some Advantages of a CBCT Dental Scan?

A CBCT dental scan has several advantages that make it one of the fastest-growing imaging technology in dental care. Some of the benefits of this technique include the following-

Dental CT scans with a CBCT scanner are fast, with a full-mouth scan taking less than a minute.

CBCT scans use radiation, but the dose of radiation used in these scans is significantly lower than in traditional CT scanners.

With a CBCT scan, your dentist can analyze the position and 3D orientation of various dental structures, including roots, nerves, and soft tissue, making the diagnosis accurate.

With the latest Axeos CBCT Scanner, we can ensure the long-term stability of dental restorations better than ever before.

A single CBCT scan can help your dentist identify several potential dental issues, including tooth decay, bone loss, irregularities of the TMJ joint, and periodontal infections. A large part of dental restoration and treatment involves careful planning before the actual procedure. The CBCT can determine if you have adequate bone quality and quantity and a significant distance away from critical anatomical structures, such as maxillary sinus, nerves, and blood vessels for implant placement.

CBCT will make the final decisions on dental implant size and desirable location to avoid any adjunctive periodontal surgeries before beginning the process.

The new Axeos CBCT dental 3D x-ray machine in Tri-Cities Dental will ensure that your dental procedures will go much smoother, and you are more likely to have a successful outcome. Contact us today to see how CBCT can help you.

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