Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography in Coquitlam, BC

Dental technology has improved, making it easier for periodontists and dentists to provide dental treatment. One area that has specifically improved is x-rays. Now, periodontists near you can use digital radiography instead of x-rays.

Dentists and periodontists take x-rays regularly to look for any slight or major changes in your oral health. This can help any issues to be caught early on and resolved quickly.

Traditional x-rays emit a low amount of radiation, but some patients are still wary about having x-rays taken. For this reason, digital radiography can be very helpful. If you’re interested in digital radiography near you, contact Tri-Cities Dental Specialists for more information.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

There are several reasons that people are choosing digital radiography over traditional x-rays, including:

  • Less radiation is used. Digital radiography uses up to 90 less radiation than traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays are a good option for anyone who’s concerned about radiation exposure.
  • Dental appointments are quicker. With traditional x-rays, your dentist or periodontist has to develop the film. With digital radiography, the sensor works to develop the results immediately.
  • Images are high-quality. Our periodontists can easily enlarge images to view your teeth better. In addition, the color and brightness can be altered so our periodontists can see your teeth more clearly.
  • Your images can be shared easily. If you transfer to a different dentist or need to go to a specialist, digital images are easier to share than physical files.

How Often Should People Have X-Rays or Digital Radiography Done?

Because x-rays and digital radiography work the same way, you should have either one done regularly. The recommended frequency varies from one person to the next because everyone’s teeth are different. Talk to our periodontists about their recommendations for your specific needs.

Some people may need digital radiography every six months, while others may need it every couple of years. Your dental history and current condition can play a role in this.

If you would like to try digital radiography near you instead of x-rays, call Tri-Cities Dental Specialists today to schedule an appointment! Our periodontists in Coquitlam will explain the entire process so that you feel comfortable.

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