3 Reasons to Delay Implants When Pregnant

3 Reasons to Delay Implants When Pregnant

March 1, 2022

Pregnancy is a delicate stage where you have to consider the unborn baby’s safety constantly. Before doing anything, you tend to question its effects on your child. Mothers-to-be have many questions, particularly when it comes to dental care. They wonder which procedures are safe and which are not.

The most important thing is not to neglect your oral care at this time. Schedule an extra dental cleaning appointment, particularly during the second trimester. It will help treat or prevent pregnancy gingivitis and other oral health problems. Your dentist will also provide safe and effective preventive dentistry services to help keep your mouth healthy.

The dentist near Coquitlam advises ladies to continue with regular dental care, same as before pregnancy. However, not all treatments are suitable during pregnancy. Dental procedures need careful consideration by a dental expert to determine their necessity.One such procedure is a dental implant.

Teeth loss is not a problem that requires immediate treatment especially when pregnant. It is considered an elective treatment as it can wait until later. Also, its risks far outweigh the benefits.

What Is a Dental Implant Procedure?

Understanding what is involved in a dental implant procedure is essential. It helps you to determine the effects when pregnant. A dental implant is a tooth-replacing fixture that dentists use to hold artificial teeth in the mouth. It requires x-rays of the jawbone pre-surgery. An invasive oral surgery procedure is carried out under anesthesia.

The titanium post that imitates tooth roots is surgically placed into the jawbone. This post integrates with the bone in about 2-6 months. It is firmly held in place to support artificial teeth adequately. Next, the dentist adds an abutment to the dental implant to connect it with the tooth replacement. This procedure results in a healthy, natural-looking smile.

Reasons to Delay Implants When Pregnant

A dental implant procedure is relatively safe. However, specialists recommend waiting until after pregnancy to perform implant surgery. It is due to the following reasons:

1. Strong Anesthesia

Studies show that local anesthesia is safe for use during pregnancy. However, the procedure for fixing implants requires stronger anesthesia. Therefore, they may be unsafe for the unborn baby. Patients who are particularly nervous about surgery require general anesthesia for the procedure. The woman remains deeply asleep during the process placing the unborn child at significant risk.

2. Excess stress

The thought of having a surgical procedure increases feelings of anxiety and worry for most people. Pregnant women are cautioned against stress during the nine months of pregnancy. Excess stress may lead to high blood pressure, preterm birth, and low birth weight. As a result, you are advised to wait until after birth to have dental implants in Coquitlam.

3. Post-surgical complications

Hormonal pregnancy changes compromise the woman’s oral health. They may lead to changes in the immune system, gum disease, and gestational diabetes. In addition, increased blood flow and mouth irritation caused by morning sickness lead to pregnancy gingivitis. Therefore there is a higher risk of implant failure and infection after the surgery.

Besides, treatment options to address possible side effects are limited. This is because they may be harmful to both the baby and mother-to-be. For instance, some antibiotics and strong pain-relieving medication are off the table. You will not be able to alleviate the symptoms during recovery.

Getting Started with Implants While Pregnant

Despite the limitations, you can get a head start with dental implants while pregnant. Your dentist can begin the tooth replacement process then finalize it once the baby arrives. This is possible since, in the second trimester, you can have oral x-rays without the radiation affecting your unborn child.

You may therefore schedule the consultation appointment for dental implants in Coquitlam. The dentist will evaluate jawbone health and the density and position of your teeth. This enables the dentist to come up with a suitable treatment plan. If you have gum disease, the periodontist in Coquitlam will begin treatment to ensure your implant surgery is successful.

Contact us at Tri-Cities Dental Specialist if you require starting the dental implant process when expecting a baby. Our highly trained and experienced dental team uses guided implant placement software. They ensure a safe and efficient procedure. In addition, we use techniques that minimize the risks and streamline the process to ensure that both you and the baby are safe.

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