Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening in Coquitlam, BC

Are you familiar with crown lengthening? Not everyone knows what this procedure is used for. The procedure can be done for a few different reasons. Crown lengthening extends the part of the tooth that is visible above or below the gumline. You might get crown lengthening as recommended by a periodontist or for cosmetic purposes.

If you think you could benefit from crown lengthening near you, contact our periodontists at Tri-Cities Dental Specialists. Our periodontists near you can help you determine whether this procedure is a good fit for your needs.

Who Might Need Crown Lengthening?

As mentioned, there are a few reasons you might need crown lengthening. These include:

  • To expose cavities that are beneath the gumline. If a dentist cannot reach the cavities below the gumline, our periodontists can remove some of the excess tissue to make the cavity easier to reach.
  • To expose fractured teeth. If your tooth is fractured below the gumline, having this procedure done will make it easier to reach the fractured area and repair it.
  • To expose tooth structure for other procedures. If you lost a tooth and need to get a false tooth, such as a bridge, the tooth structure must be visible.

You might also have crown lengthening done for cosmetic reasons. If your gums are more visible than you would like them to be, you might be a good candidate for crown lengthening for cosmetic purposes.

How Does the Crown Lengthening Procedure Work?

If you have never had a crown lengthening procedure done before, you might be curious about the process. Knowing what is going to happen during the procedure can help you to feel more comfortable. The crown lengthening procedure is performed by a periodontist, otherwise known as a gum specialist.

First, you will receive a local anesthetic. In some cases, you may be sedated. Then, the periodontists will reduce the gum area and contour it. This is done by removing small amounts of tissue.

This procedure can be done to one or two teeth. It can also be done across the entire gumline. The goal is to create a symmetrical gumline.

To schedule a consultation or to learn more about crown lengthening, contact our periodontists near you. Our periodontists in Coquitlam, BC, can walk you through the procedure and tell you about all of your options. At Tri-Cities Dental Specialists, our specialists are in-office, so you can receive the treatment you need.

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