Endodontics in Coquitlam, BC

Endodontics is the specialized branch of dentistry that involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions related to the inner tissues of an individual’s teeth, also known as the pulp. Endodontic procedures are mainly undertaken to clean out an infection in a tooth and salvage it from getting extracted or lost. Tri-Cities Dental Specialists strives to provide a calming, gentle, caring, and compassionate environment when receiving endodontic treatment.

Causes of Pulp Infection

A pulp infection may arise from untreated cavities, dental procedures, dental trauma , atypical anatomy, cracks and fractures that allow bacteria to enter the tooth’s interior.

Standard Endodontic Procedures We Perform

Our dental office provides numerous endodontic treatments, including:

  • Root Canal treatment

Root canal treatment is performed when the core layer of teeth, known as pulp gets infected, inflamed, or injured in an effort to save a tooth from being extracted.

Not treated, infection or inflammation can contribute to abscesses, intense discomforts, and eventual tooth loss. If you encounter pulp damage or infection symptoms like pain and sensitivity, our dentist in Coquitlam may consider root canal treatment.

  • Root Canal Retreatment

You may receive additional root canals if the first treatment does not resolve the problem. Retreatment may be required if some infection was never removed from the root or reinfection occurs after the initial treatment. Retreatment follows similar steps to the initial root canal therapy.

  • Apicoectomy

We suggest surgical endodontics when a root canal doesn’t save an infected or inflamed tooth from extraction. An apicoectomy is a standard surgical procedure we perform in our clinic.

Our endodontist cuts into the gum tissue to expose the bone below. A small hole is made within the bone around the tooth root’s tip to access the infected area. Our dentists then remove the affected tissue and cleanse the root tip. The tooth is sealed, and the gum tissue is sutured back into position.

  • Dental Trauma Treatment

When an injury impacts the tooth’s interior and damages the pulp, a patient may need treatment depending on the nature of such injury. It can range from simple restoration to repositioning , splinting and stabilizing it.

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