Dental Implants Optimal Solutions for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Optimal Solutions for Replacing Missing Teeth

September 28, 2021

Do you have one or several missing teeth because of tooth decay, infections, or injuries? The tooth loss affecting you would impact your smile if it occurred from the aesthetic zone of your mouth. However, your smile is not the only casualty of tooth loss because the problem can affect your oral and overall health. If you want to overcome the challenges of tooth loss, you must look for replacement solutions at the earliest before their consequences begin to hit you.

Loss of teeth from the aesthetic zone will undoubtedly impact your smile and self-confidence. The tooth loss as well affects your biting and chewing abilities and impacts your digestive health because you become accustomed to swallowing large chunks of food.

The edentulous gaps between your teeth become breeding grounds for microorganisms in your mouth that feed on food particles that remain trapped in them. The feasting of the bacteria makes you prone to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, the teeth you lost will encourage the remaining teeth in your mouth to shift towards the vacant space to create misalignments and a bad bite. When combined, all the problems will leave you with more issues than you can handle. Therefore the best option for you is to visit a cosmetic dentistry clinic near you to discuss which replacement solution best suits your needs.

Replacement Solutions for Missing Teeth

While dentists have different tooth replacement solutions to restore your mouth’s functionality and smile, the dentist near Coquitlam will likely suggest you have dental implants to replace your missing teeth. If you are unaware of what dental implants are, let us explain; dental implants are titanium posts that the dentist embeds deep into your jawbone to function as your artificial tooth root. Implants are an excellent solution to replace missing teeth because the biocompatible titanium post integrates with your body to become a permanent part of your body.

Getting dental implants requires you to undergo surgery and commit yourself to the procedure and adhere to the dentist’s instructions as recommended. First, your oral and physical health are examined by the professional to determine whether dental implants are best for your needs. Before starting your treatment, the dentist and a team of professionals, including prosthodontists, will create a treatment plan explicitly for you. They will also discuss the pretreatment and post-operative care instructions you must follow to ensure the implant placement procedure succeeds in giving you your new artificial tooth. The professionals also discuss anesthesia options, how many appointments are needed, and the costs of the process before you can proceed with the treatment.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants Coquitlam completes the dental implant placement in one visit to their office. You receive local or general anesthesia before the dentist cuts open your gums to drill a hole deep into your jawbone for implant placement. The surgical procedure is not uncomfortable because the anesthesia ensures painless treatment. However, you do encounter post-operative discomfort comfortably manageable with a prescription or over-the-counter painkillers.

After getting dental implants embedded into your jawbone, you can request the dentist to provide temporary artificial teeth to close the gaps in your mouth. However, it helps if you remember the implanted titanium post must integrate with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration, requiring several months. Therefore any interim replacements you receive are merely temporary and need replacements eventually.

You can have your natural-looking artificial teeth created from porcelain after you have healed entirely from dental implant surgery. First, however, you must visit your dentist to provide measurements of your teeth and jaw to custom create your artificial teeth from a dental laboratory before they are attached to the implant. The implant placement procedure is undoubtedly lengthy but provides you with an excellent replacement solution for your missing teeth lasting you for a lifetime with proper dental hygiene.

What Happens After You Get Your Artificial Teeth?

After you have your artificial teeth fitted on the implants must continue maintaining excellent dental hygiene, brushing twice daily, flossing at least once, and visiting the Coquitlam dentist for regular exams and cleanings. Dental implants do not require special attention other than what we mention here.

You will express happiness with the information that dental implants are not vulnerable to tooth decay or cavities and will likely never require a root canal from the endodontist near you. However, if you neglect proper dental hygiene practices, you allow plaque buildup around the implanted tooth. Dental plaque makes you vulnerable to gum disease affecting your jawbone and causing implant failure. It is why you must remain in touch with the dentist for regular cleanings and exams besides maintaining appropriate dental hygiene and quitting smoking if you are accustomed to the habit.

After you have the dental implants in your mouth, you can rest assured the investment you made in the replacements was indeed worth the trouble and enjoy them for a lifetime.

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