Digital Dentures and Its Benefits

Digital Dentures and Its Benefits

June 1, 2021

Digital dentures are a better, flexible, and long-lasting option than traditional dentures. They are flexible and provide more comfort than their predecessors. These dentures have been growing increasingly popular, which is why this article is set to address what they are and their benefits.

Digital dentures are those made in the lab digitally. Everything about this type of denture goes through a digital process, from scanning the impression to 3D printing. These innovative dentures are made to pass through a CAM/CAD technology that makes them more flexible, perfectly fitted, and more comfortable than normal dentures.

How are Digital Dentures Made?

These dentures are made from technological devices and passed through software, making the process very easy for dentists and patients. The patient’s teeth impression is captured in a video or photograph with a CAM/CAD device. It is transferred to a 3D scanning software to help produce both the try-in dentures and final dentures. in other impression systems, a special type of titanium dioxide powder is sprinkled lightly in the patient’s teeth to get the exact bites and arches.

Benefits of Digital Dentures.


This innovative denture is made from the best quality materials, such as acrylic materials with high capacity, strength, and longevity. It is made from one acrylic unit with no bonding.

Fewer Appointments

Traditional dentures are normally actualized after several dental appointments involving the teeth impression, extraction, fitting, and adjustments. However, a digital denture is normally characterized by same-day service or two-day dental visits. The first visit includes scanning the teeth impression to create a 3D tooth replacement model, while the second visit is to pick up the already made digital dentures from the dentist.

A 2-Day Replacement Period.

If a patient’s denture is missing or damaged, he or she can quickly get a replacement since the scan is digitally taken. A maximum of 2 days is all that is required for a digital denture replacement.

It is Cost Effective.

Since digital denture only requires very few dental visits, it is cost-effective for the patient as they do not have to deal with the fees that naturally come with multiple dental appointments.

Fast Turnaround Time.

Traditional dentures take up to a month to be completed, which may be too long for some patients. For Digital dentures, however, it only takes a matter of days.


Digital denture gives patients a wild option and materials to choose from, depending on what they feel would make them comfortable and boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Perfect Fitting.

The CAM/CAD technology helps the dental personnel produce the denture that perfectly fits the patient’s bite and ensures appropriate spacing. Digital dentures do not cause pain or discomfort in the mouth. It also does not fall off or become loose. It can also be made as a complete or partial denture.

Foods to Avoid After Digital Dentures.

Food or beverages with high temperatures should be avoided for a long-lasting experience with digital dentures.

You should avoid Hard foods or food with nuts like popcorn and raw carrot because of the pressure it puts on the dentures during biting.

Tough meats: Eating tough meat would put the patient jaw and dentures through unnecessary stress, leading to injuries. Therefore, these kinds of meats must be avoided by all means.

Sticky foods: Sticky food may pull the denture out of its right position and cause discomfort, pain, or injury to the gum, so avoid it as much as possible. Examples of sticky foods are fresh donuts, candies, and peanut butter.

This article has considered the benefits of digital dentures and some of the food you can avoid to maintain your digital dentures and overall oral health. However, if you need Digital dentures instead of traditional ones, you can speak to your dentist about them and find out if you can get them fixed with him or her.

If you can’t, you can visit any dentist in Coquitlam to get your partial or full digital denture.

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