Everything You Want to Know about Digital Dentures

Everything You Want to Know about Digital Dentures

May 1, 2021

Dentures rendered tooth loss a minor problem. People are still searching for various traditional dentures even as new technology is anything dentist’s to switch to digital dentures. If you’re looking for a tooth replacement option and zero in on dentures for various reasons, you may express surprise when you visit prosthodontists near you have the dentures created.

The first question in your mind when you visit the dentist in Coquitlam, BC, and receive an offer of digital dentures would probably concentrate on the prices of digital dentures, which you may think are incredibly expensive. However, you will likely change your mind when told by the dentist you can have replacements for the teeth extracted or lost faster than the traditional variety requiring fewer appointments with the dentist during the creation of the denture and after you receive them for placement in your mouth.

What is Digital Dentures?

In digital dentures, the term digital discards the workflow in the fabrication of a CAD/CAM milled full or partial denture. It is the modern version of creating dentures, providing a better fit and excellent comfort while being more flexible than traditional dentures.

The Making of Digital Dentures

Software, innovative devices, and suitable dentist materials help professionals during the making of digital dentures. The technique for digital dentures accurately captures the vertical dimension of the occlusal plane during the initial appointment. Impressions of your teeth and gums are digitally scanned using an intraoral scanner. Some digital imaging systems allow technicians to lightly dust your teeth with specially formed titanium dioxide powder to examine the arches and your bite.

Presently two varieties of digital compression technology are available. One combination captures images as digital photographs, while the other captures videos providing dental labs an entire set of images. Laser is used to capturing images safely and precisely. The concentrated laser beam eliminates the use of offering molds with dental putty because a 3D beam captures the present teeth’ images. The digital impression of prepared teeth requires approximately two minutes, while an impression of the opposite arch requires just a minute.

The data collected is transferred to the software, which helps create try in dentures conceptualizing the precise arch shape and the occlusal plane or besides the shape and size of the tooth provided by the lab technician. Technicians can fine-tune the try in dentures for occlusion and re-line them with conventional impression material. Any modifications needed are scanned and merged with the initial scan to help design the final dentures.

How Do You Benefit from Digital Dentures?

You benefit in various ways when you contact the dental Specialist Coquitlam requesting digital dentures.

The technology using CAD/CAM computing enables dentists to create your dentures with accurate spacing, smile lines, and bite. The technology ensures you get a better-fitting denture that does not loosen or fall out or cause any discomfort when wearing them.

High-quality acrylic material helps make digital dentures that are processed under high pressure and temperature for durability. Furthermore, digital dentures are getting from one acrylic unit, ensuring no bonding in the creation.

Traditional dentures require approximately a month for creation, while digital dentures require just a couple of weeks.

Unlike traditional dentures requiring multiple appointments with dentists for extractions, fittings, and impressions, digital dentures merely require a couple of visits to the dentist. The first visit is to scan your image and make a 3D model. After that, you visit the dentist to collect your final dentures.

What happens if you lose or damage your digital dentures? You may worry about not having teeth in your mouth if you damage or lose your digital dentures. However, it helps to understand the dentist can easily create your digital denture at any point as your mouth’s design was digitally scanned and transferred to the software. Do not assume you can get same-day service because you must wait for 48 hours to receive your replacements.

The best part of having digital dentures is the cost-effective nature of the replacements. They require fewer appointments to the dentist during the fabrication stages and better still not require frequent adjustments like it is familiar with traditional dentures. The financial savings coupled with the ease of getting digital dentures will ease any apprehensions in your mind and convince you to favor them to replace the missing teeth in your mouth.

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